Vegetable oils

The use of essential and vegetable oils is increasingly common in diverse sectors. They currently represent a recommended alternative to perfumes, parabens, silicones and so many other elements that we have consumed for years, without knowing the health damage they entail. Including them in your own products and services will be a great success. Ibsina puts at your disposal the best variety of oils of natural origin, suitable for multiple uses: from cosmetics to food.

What are vegetable oils?

There are many techniques for the extraction of vegetable oils but the primordial remains the same as that of our most remote ancestors: crush the seeds from the plant to extract the fatty components from its interior by pressing it although each oil has its specific process.

Vegetable oils for topical use can be used pure or mixed with each other to alter its texture and combine their different essential nutrients. Thus, vegetable oil has a great function as a nutritional contribution for our skin, nails and hair. Allowing the elaboration of very diverse preparations for all types of skin and indications.

Vegetable oils for oral use provide nutritional benefits to our diet. As a general rule, we recommend 1-2 spoons up to date. It is preferable to eat them in raw (in dressings, salads and cold sauces). They also offer a large range of possibilities in kitchen and pastry by providing texture nuances and exotic flavors to our dishes.

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