Essential oils

The use of essential and vegetable oils is increasingly common in diverse sectors. They currently represent a recommended alternative to perfumes, parabens, silicones and so many other elements that we have consumed for years, without knowing the health damage they entail. Including them in your own products and services will be a great success. IBSINA puts at your disposal the best variety of oils of natural origin, suitable for multiple uses: from cosmetics to food.

What are essential oils?

Many plants are able to create biomolecules with more or less complex processes based on their evolutionary development. They create them with many objectives: dissuade animals that could be threatening, encourage the arrival of insects to be pollinated, resist the attack of fungi in times of great moisture, endure the onslaught of summer heat…

The strategies can become so complex as the interaction of life with the environment. The aromas represent a whole biochemical group that have their high volatility in common. Hence the animal kingdom is able to perceive them so well through the sense of smell. In addition, the small molecular size of the aromas is strategic when metabolizing in third parties, affecting behavior patterns through the nervous system and conditioning or harming other biological groups with their atmospheric action. Essential oils are the essence of the plant and are usually obtained when making a steam current distillation with the help of a wire.

Essential oils have numerous pharmacological actions, so they constitute the basis of aromatherapy, they can also be used in perfumery, cosmetics and food industry. Essential oils when quality and are used properly allow access to the world of aromatherapy. In addition, there are many other disciplines related to essential oils: cosmetics, perfumery, haute cuisine or pastries. The quality of essential oils is something essential whatever the use they want to give them: food use, environmental fragrance, cosmetic or as therapeutic active.

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